My Health Is A-OK

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Back on April of 2015, I had what is called a sleeve gastrectomy. I have to make something clear first. I didn’t have the surgery, because I wanted to lose weight to look sexy… hem! hem! or should I say sexier! Well, all jokes aside. I did it because I was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic, I had high blood pressure, I had high cholesterol and my back, ankles and knees were killing me due to my weight. I was on medication for all my health problems and their mothers and my highest weight ever, was 270 lbs. Don’t think that I didn’t try losing the weight on my own, it’s just that I would lose 25 Lbs, only to gain 50 Lbs back. In other words, my weight was like a yo-yo for many years.

But I am happy to say, that on Wednesday I visited my GP… and no, he is not my gynecologist, he’s my General Practitioner… I had to clear that shit first, just in case you got some stupid idea. Anyways, the blood work that I had done back in March, showed that everything is normal, including my A1C, which was the number one reason why I had the blood work done in the first place. I can also say, that my official weight right now is 186 Lbs and the only medications that I am currently taking, are my crazy meds and my asthma inhalers. YES! YES! YES! I smoke cigarettes and I suffer from asthma. Go figure that shit out! They also had me go back yesterday, just to do an electrocardiogram or EKG and my heart is just fine. In other words, you are going to have this crazy ass Dominican guy around, for a very long ass time my friends. Woo-Hoo!

One last thing. Back by popular demand, the comments are open again. I guess I disabled the comments section, due to crazy thinking. Bwahahahahahaha!

With that said! I am Audi 5000 y’all!



Why I Quit Social Media Websites

It just got so fucking stupid, that I couldn’t handle it anymore. All that people do there, is just post stupid pictures, videos or opinions. I just got fucking tired of it all, so I decided to cancel my FB, Google Plus, Twitter and other social website accounts. I really don’t give a fuck if I lost all my pictures and shit, I still have them in my computer and a cloud anyway. So I just don’t give a fuck about it.

I Need My Geodon

Last night I was fucking twisting and turning in bed and waking up every hour on the fucking dot. I thought that maybe I had coffee early in the evening but didn’t remember, but then I came to realize that it wasn’t the case. What I forgot was to take my Geodon before going to bed. The whole shit about it was, that I had run out of it and I forgot to ask my wife, if she got me the refill from the pharmacy. I really felt sorry for her, because of all my twisting, turning and continuous getting out of bed, she ended waking up. She told me that she had gotten the refill for the Geodon, but we couldn’t find shit when we looked all over the apartment. I told her not to worry about it, that we will look for it today after I got out of work.

But right now, I feel depressed, down and with no energy at all at work. It really sucks, but I can’t be a big baby. This is a one in a long time thing, that just happens. Well, like they say… shit happens.

Blogger Recognition Award


I’ve been nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award by my blogger-friend Wanderage. I would like to thank you so, so, so much my dear friend, I really appreciate it, I really enjoy  reading yourblog.


I started blogging a long time ago, but because I went through a lot of bipolar II manic episodes before I was diagnosed by my current shrink, I kept deleting them. I did got my disorder under control and so I started blogging about my alcoholism, bipolar II disorder and OCD in order to meet other people like me and to try to stay sane. Which has worked.


  1. Use your imagination.
  2. Just be your self and
  3. Do it because you enjoy it.


I’d like to nominate the following people because I like their blogs a lot. Plus I consider them to be really good friend of mine.

  1. Wandasncredible.
  2. Journal Of a Shrinking Girl.
  3. Seeking The Best Blog.


The Leibster Award! Woo! Hoo!


Woo! Hoo! I Sing The Body Electric just nominated my blog for a Liebster Award! and I am so happy. Thank you so, so, so, so, so (you get the point right?) so much!

I would have said… don’t get me started with this shit… but I have to actually say… let’s get started with this shit.

Here are 11 random facts about me:

  1. I was born in Santo Domingo, The Capital of The Dominican Republic.
  2. I am the youngest and the only son out of 9 kids.
  3. I lived in Puerto Rico from the age of 3 years old until I was 9 years old.
  4. I have lived in New York City for the last 37 years.
  5. I have been with my wife for close to 30 years.
  6. I have a 26 years old daughter and a 21 years old son.
  7. I have a crazy rescued 2 1/2 years old dog that rescued me from depression after I lost my 5 years old dog 2 years ago.
  8. I love my family and dog to death.
  9. I’ve worked as a customer service representative for 10 years and sometimes I throw the house out the window. In other words, I give shit to people, because I feel sorry for them and because I can see that all that they need is a little fucking help, compassion and understating human being to help them. Not everyone is rich and sometimes we run into situations that we can’t control. So I am just being human being.
  10. I had what is called a sleeve gastrectomy 1 year ago to lose weight due to health problems. I have lost around 70 Lbs and have been taken off of the high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol medications. So right now, I’m just taking my two crazy meds.
  11. I was offered a DJ job at a New York City club back in 1990, but I turned it down, because I love mixing and didn’t want to get money involved, with something that I keep personal and love.

These are eleven questions asked of me.

1. Who are you? (in one sentence?)

I am a family loving, dog loving crazy guy on meds, who has a crazy and sometimes weird sense of humor.

2. What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

I dropped out of college three times… the third one was from…. are you ready? (Drum roll please)…. An online college. So I might be the first “online college dropout” that you have met in your entire life. Bwahahahahahaha!

3. If given a chance to be invisible, what would you do?

Have threesome with a female horse and a female goat. Bwahahahahaha! You weren’t expecting that one. Weren’t you? In reality, I would steal all the money from all of the richest assholes in the world and and create tuition free colleges and schools, get the necessary meds to all the people in the world, stop all the wars around the world, build housing for the poor and get the necessary mental health help for the people that have mental problems around the world. In other words, I would create a world, where everyone is equal and gets everything for free… free medical plan, meds, medical help, housing, schools and the list goes on.

4. What is happiness to you?

Enjoying time with my wife, kids and dog. OH! and getting stupid drunk and forgetting about every little fucking shit that had happened to me during the whole entire fucking work week.

 5. Your inspiration, and why so?

My mother and wife have been the biggest inspiration in my life. Even if my mother has been gone for about twenty years due to breast cancer, my wife and her would take of the clothes on their backs and give it to someone that need it. I guess that reason and age, has turned me into a more compassionate and caring human being. But don’t say that shit to my wife, she will have my balls on a stick for dinner… OK! She already has them on a stick. OK! She’s my soulmate so I don’t really care. Bwahahahahahaha!

6. What is your biggest achievement in life so far?

That I have a loving and understanding wife, two excellent and wonderful kids and a crazy ass dog that goes crazy when I get home from work. OK! He just wants to be walked, so he’s an asshole. But I love him to death. All four of them could be assholes sometimes, but they are my assholes.

7. If you could start over, what would you change?

I wouldn’t change a thing. Whatever I have been through in life, my mental disorders and all of that shit, have been the reason why I am who I am today. They don’t defined me at all, but they have taught me to be a better human being.

8. If given a chance to go on a date with a celebrity, who would that be?

My wife, kids and dog. They are celebrities in my life. They really make me who I am.

9. Are you happy with your life till now?

YES I AM! It’s not perfect, but it could have been worst.

10. Your favorite song?

Lydia Lee Love – Don’t Take Your Love (1987). Because it was the song that made me fall in love with my soulmate, the love of my life, the only person that I have completely opened too and my BFF… MY WIFE! Just click on the link and you might be able to understand the lyrics and understand where I am coming from. HEY! I used to mix Freestyle or Latin Hip Hop back in the days. Even though my wife hated it, because girls went after the DJ, like flies go after a dead body or a pile of shit. They were a dime a dozen, but I stayed true to my love. Bwahahahahaha!

 11. What comes first, the egg or the chicken? Explain the reason.

I really don’t give a fuck! Whatever comes first is dead, because if I am hungry at the time, it’s going down to my stomach. In other words, fuck that shit! They are done for the day! And they won’t be able to reproduce after which ever came first, is in my stomach. HA! HA! HA!

Now for the real shit to go down. I’m going to nominate the blogs of all the people that I have on my BFF list and Bloggy Buddies list. You know me (tear rolling down my eyes) I LOVE YOU GUYS! LOL!

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My Journey To Weight Loss

I have to add, that I love your blogs, because like mine, they are about everyday life, struggles and shit that we go through. You guys are not trying to sell something, make money or get more followers. That’s  what true blogging is all about, just for the fuck of it!

Also… if I missed some of you guys, I’ll get you on my next award nomination ceremony. I was sharing some good old times with my BFF Heineken at the time of writing this post.

I would also like to add, that I am so happy to see so many female bloggers. I grew up with 7 women and to me, the world or a relationship is 50/50. Nobody should have the upper hand. Get fucking educated and don’t take shit from an asshole man… EVER! That’s what I taught my daughter and that’s the reason she has a Bachelor’s degree. Don’t take shit from a man, most are assholes.

I guess you guys are fucked now!… you have to write all the shit about youself, that I wrote about me. LOL. Get it out in the open people. Just be yourself. LOL.

Real Neat Blog Award


I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart My Side Of The Pole for nominating me for the Real Neat Blog Award. I have to say, that I love and enjoy reading your blog and I cherish and value your true friendship my dear friend. Please check out her blog, it is awesome.

The questions to answer:

1. Where do most visits to your blog come from?

I found out, that most of my visitors come from The United States, Canada and The UK.

2. What is your favorite sport?

Handball is my favorite sport of all times. I haven’t played for years, but I still love it.

3. What has been a special moment for you so far in 2016?

May 15, 2016. I celebrated my third sober week  by getting drunk as fuck. OK! I was just kidding. But it was my third sober week though.

4. What is your favorite quote?

“Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” – Albert Einstein. I have loved this quote from the first time that I read it, because it shows that even a genius such as Albert Einstein, was seeing, all the stupid things that humans have been doing all along, instead of doing good.

5. What was your favorite class when still at school?

Art and Computers. I liked art, because it made me feel relaxed and creative and computer class because I always wanted to grow up to become a programmer. While other kids where working on the computer math problems, I used to stop the math program and I looked at the code that made up the entire program. I loved doing that.

6. Anything you had wished to have learned earlier?

That kids don’t stop acting crazy when they reach, what I like to refer to now as  the “crazy twenties” and I am referring to my two adult kids. I love them to death, but DAMN! When are they going to move the fuck out of the apartment! Bwahahahahahaha!

7. What musical instrument have you tried to play?

The piano. There’s just something about that instrument, that touches my soul.


I nominate the following blogs because they are awesome and they rock:

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2. Answer 7 questions asked by the person who nominated you.
3. Thank the person who nominated you, linking to their blog.
4. Nominate any number of bloggers you like, linking to their blogs.
5. Let them know you nominated them (by commenting on their blog etc.)

The Smiley Thumb Award

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The Smiley Thumb Award 2016

Good news for my two or three readers. Yesterday, I was nominated for The Smiley Thumb Award, which was created by David from the Chape blog.  I received this nomination from Seek The Best Blog, Woo Hoo! Thank you so much, you don’t know how much this means to me and how much I appreciate it. Plus this is my first award EVER.

I have to say, that since I started blogging a long, long time ago, I can’t remember how many blogs I started, only to delete them a few days later. I guess this one is a keeper. I can’t delete an award wining blog now… can I? Bwahahahaha!

What makes me smile? My wife, kids, dog, family, friends, co-workers and people that have a great sense of humor. I also love personal bloggers that make fun of what happens to them in their everyday lives. I also love sitcoms, my favorite two right now are The Big Bang Theory and Mom.

The blogs that I would love to nominate for The Smiley Thumb Awards are as follows.

Half a 1000 Miles – This blog is fucking awesome. It really makes me laugh my ass off.

Divorce With MeI love to follow personal bloggers, who blog about their lives.

My Life In Rambles – This is a personal blogger with a crazy ass sense of humor.

Kitt O’Malley – This is one of my favorite mental health blogs.

My Side Of The Pole – This is another one of my favorite mental health blogs.


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